Character Artist, Illustrator, & Editor

★ About Me ★
Friendly disposition, eager to please and get the job done with a personal flair. Highly experienced in character design, illustration, and 3D animation. Very knowledgeable on all phases of production in media, including filmmaking, and especially writing and conceptualizing. Adaptable in style and genre changes in works. Comfortable in self-directed environments, group projects as well as independent works, and fun, wacky environments.

★ Professional Experience ★
Logo and letterhead redesigned and vectorized for Northeast Academy for Aerospace and Advanced Technologies (2017)
Logo vectorized for Redmane Martial Arts (2016)
Advertisement made for Laughing Mask Candies for Asheville Fringe Arts Festival (2015)

★ Freelance ★
Wrote and illustrated short story for undergraduate research (2017)


★ Education ★
University of North Carolina at Asheville (Class of Spring 2018)
Major: New Media; Concentration in Computer Animation (Bachelor of Arts)

★ Technical Skills★
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects
Autodesk Maya
Final Cut Pro (editing)

★ Awards and Achievements ★
Artwork exhibited at the 15th Annual Juried New Media Student Exhibition (2018)
3rd place entry for ConCarolinas 2017 Badge Art Competition (used for volunteer badges)
UNCA New Media department recognitions in excellence in creativity and design